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Resources for youth workers

As we all know, job searching can be a stressful process, but there is a lot you can learn along the way.

This Trainers’ Pack for Youth Workers in Europe is intended to provide theoretical support and useful tips and tricks for youth workers and for people working in the field of youth and with youth, especially trainers, teachers, careen consultants or counselors and others.

This new resource contains the following chapters:

  • Legal basis for the European Labour Market
  • The available funding (Erasmus+, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, European Voluntary Service and others): how to use the funding effectively?
  • The work mobility in the EU (the EURES network, the rights connected to European citizenship and other aspects): how can the opportunities of the common labor market be used?
  • The recognition of acquired skills and qualifications throughout Europe (ECTS, ECVET, EuroPass, European Qualifications Framework and others):how can these be effectively used?
  • Open Educational Resources (the ones created through past EU funded projects and accessible through the EST database, but not exclusively): where can they be found and used?

This tool was created with the support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. Check it out!

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